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Anthony Colton opened his law firm with one thing in mind - providing quality legal work for EVERY client. To this day that is still our goal. No matter how many client matters we handle or cases we are involved in, we always take the time to get to know each and every one of our clients.

Hablamos tu idioma para que puedes estar al tanto de lo que sucede en tu caso.  Entendemos que esto es tu vida y trataremos tu caso como si fuera el nuestro

We handle all aspects of your immigration case.  Whether that is simply filing a family based application or fighting your case in removal proceedings, we will work your case as efficiently as possible. 

An Honest lawyer is hard to find


From removal proceedings to citizenship applications.  

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State and Federal felony and misdemeanor cases


From traffic tickets to property disputes to probate matters. 


Divorce, custody, and CPS cases

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